i feel like i haven't talked to you in ages! 

how ARE you? how've you been?? how's the writing? are the cats still climbing all over your keyboard? are you getting enough coffee every day? what about chocolate? are you eating enough chocolate?

things are crazy crazy over here. but i'm sure you already knew that. if i'm leaving the house it's pretty much to catch a plane or to run an errand and i've been shopping online so much lately that i now officially have my credit card number memorized. (i still haven't decided whether or not i'm delighted by the efficiency of this new development or horrified by how easy this makes it for me to buy things online.) 

one of these days i'm actually going to sit down and write a real blog post that has some kind of useful information in it, but for now it seems i'm destined to tell you stories about not being able to find my pants (my mother bought me 3 sets of pajama bottoms after i wrote that post -- not even kidding -- and told me to keep them with me at all times) or about nothing, really, at all. 

mostly i'm just checking in to say hi. (hi hi!) i also have some updates re: book stuff, but i'll shove that in at the end somewhere. 

here are some things i have been doing lately:

1. eating a lot of peanuts. they are very nice, peanuts. crunchy and full of protein, apparently. though, full disclosure: i think i prefer them dipped in chocolate. i actually sat next to an extraordinarily charming lady on the plane who told me about her son and his severe allergy to peanuts. she can't even touch peanuts and be near him without him going into anaphylactic shock. the stewardess then chose that exact moment to give us little bags of peanuts which, apparently, they still do on some flights, and i was really hungry so i ate mine and felt tremendously guilty the whole time. i think i needed to confess that to someone.
2. watching modern family. oh my god. my new favorite show ever. everrrrrr
3. pining for Mindy Kaling's (she plays 'Kelly' on The Office) memoir, IS EVERYONE HANGING OUT WITHOUT ME? um, so, Mindy Kaling is the epitome of hilarious and i'm really into funny-lady memoirs lately. i read BOSSYPANTS recently (Tina Fey) and i cried i laughed so hard. so super excited about this book.
4. i may or may not have fangirled Brian Selznick at SCIBA last weekend. i was so giggly and awkward and he was so classy and he was wearing gold shoes! gold shoes, guys. also i got 2 copies of WONDERSTRUCK signed. one of them is for YOU! i'll be giving that away at some point.
5. apparently i'm going to be on TV in Mumbai. i know, right? random and awesome. this Mumbai television station did a quick segment on me at NYCC. if i ever get a link i'll share it with you guys.
6. mmmmmm that's kind of it, actually. just been doing a lot of pre-pub stuff. lots of traveling, meeting super cool people, missing all of you, trying not to think about the fact that SHATTER ME is coming out in 20 days (oh good god) and trying to remember to do that thing where i sleep when the sun goes to China.

gah! speaking of book stuff. i've gotten a ton of questions about which/what formats SHATTER ME will be available in, as well as when they'll be released. 

so. here are some Things To Know:

SHATTER ME will be available in the following formats, and 
they'll all be available on November 15, 2011.

1. US Hardcover (self-explanatory!)
2. International Edition (which is issued in paperback, in English, and will be available in certain open territories like Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and across the Middle East (UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, etc.)
3. Audio Book (WMA and Audible)
4. E-book (Nook, Kindle, iBookstore, etc.)
andddddddd as an
4. ENHANCED E-book. the Enhanced E-book is basically the swanky version of a regular E-book. the EEB comes with the full text of the novel, plus a ton of bonus material -- behind the scenes stuff: the official book trailer, police files, medical records, "Persons of Interest" profiles, propaganda posters, and an entry from the personal log of the antagonist in the book. so it's basically a more comprehensive, interactive look at the story.

i hope that info helps clarify some things.

SO. what are you guys up to? read any good books lately?

<3 <3 <3


June G said...

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You're only a debut author once and I'm so happy for you that's it's totally awesome and mind-blowing! Continue to have fun with it and I await all the details!

Marsha Sigman said...

I have discovered there is a library around the corner from my house. Which solved the problem of my needing a second job to support my book habit.

I live there most of the time now...

When I'm not writing, of course.

Rida said...

LOL that ^ Marsha. I'm so glad my local library has this AMAZING YA collection so that instead of a broke teen, I'm just a sort-of-broke teen.

You're going to be on TV in Mumbai? That's totally random and awesome :)

btw, how come Shatter Me comes in paperback for Canada? We get most US titles in hardcover :(

Niphai said...

Oh hi there!

I'm so excited about Shatter Me, you've got no clue! But I'll just have to be patient.. The pre-pub stuff sounds interesting and tiring, but most of all awesome #nods

Yes, I am reading stuff.. I've been reading the Homelander series, which is an awesome serie of Andrew Klavan made of awesomeness!
And ofcourse the books Blood on my Hands and Boot Camp of Todd Strasser.
Also a good book is Numbers by Rachel Ward.

And Bookdepository is releasing the international version in 7 days! Unfortunately, shipping takes about 3 weeks, so I guess I'll just have to wait a bit longer..

*Jumps away in Pinkie Pie style*

Kamille Elahi said...

OMG! I love Modern Family too!

Woah! You're gonna be on TV!!! That's so cool!

Does Shatter Me come out in the UK too on the 15th?

LM Preston said...

That's awesome!!! Just in time for the holidays :-D
I've been writing, editing, beta reading and preparing for my book tour and releases for 2012. Can't wait!

Jovanna said...

In order for my library to get the book, I'm going to pretty much have to buy the book and give it to the library (probably after I've finished reading it). Wish my public library had more books - or more space for more books so that they don't have to throw the old ones out every time a new one comes in. Sigh.

Krispy said...

While this sounds tiring, it also sounds so full of awesome that it will probably explode soon. But in a good way - the kind of way filled with unicorns and sparkles. :)

Glad you're having a whirlwind time, and I am very excited for Shatter Me. I love physical books like no one's business, but this enhanced eBook is incredibly tempting!

Janna Qualman said...

COMPLETELY on board with numbers 2 & 3 of your list.

Your release date is coming soon! Congrats!

Great post. Love your delivery.

Stephanie Allen said...

I'm eating peanuts RIGHT NOW. Every time I eat them I feel sad for people who can't, because they're so delicious and it's not fair for people to miss out on such deliciousness.

I've been drinking enough coffee to caffeinate a small country. Mostly because of that whole college thing. So much college-ing.

Yup. My life is exciting.

Jaleh D said...

Congrats on all the fun stuff going on!

Don't worry; I've had sufficient quantities of chocolate. :D

Kathleen said...

We miss you too, but we totally understand! I'm so excited for the release of Shatter Me! I will buy the hardcover and also the Enhanced E-book, because the book is just that awesome=)
Now, have fun with your debut author-dom! (and eat as many peanuts - even with chocolate - as you want;))

Shae Carcar said...

I've just found your blog so I'm a new follower but your posts are so funny! And its weird because I feel like your a celebrity in a way. You wrote a book; you're official. But you talk so much like my best friend!

Dorothy Dreyer said...

Sounds like you're living a dream life. Le sigh! It's good to get a post from you, even if it's just a hi-just-checking-in-so-busy-kaibye kind of post. Because we kind of miss you or something. Can't wait to read your book and devour the 352 pages! Yeah!

April said...

I need to mark my calendar for November 15! I so can't wait to get your book!

I love peanuts too, and now I want to read that memoir! I love memoirs...well, the ones that interest me. And I love "Kelly." When I found out she was one of the writers for the show, I loved her even more. Just another darn book to add to my wish list! I have so many!!!

Sherre said...

So excited for you!!!! Ummm, the wrting is....not working out right now, the dog just got surgery and anytime I try to do something important he cries or barks until it annoys me and have to stop. Oh well. Peanuts are AMAZING!!! (dont feel bad about the girl next to you, she shouldnt have even been on the plane if she didnt want to be near peanuts. I mean come on, dont you know there'll be peanuts on the plane?

Congrats on everything else. Enjoy!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I'm in Canada and noticed the book was coming out here in both hardback and paperback at the same time. At first I thought it was a mistake. Wonder which version the stores will be carrying IN store.

Other than format, what's the difference between the two? Does the hardback have a really cool cover or something????

Hiroko said...

I definitely have not been getting enough chocolate, but I've been writing a lot--maybe too much!
Enjoy the business while it lasts.~ Even then, I'll bet enjoying the free time to write won't be so hard.

The Other Stephen King said...

Modern Family is a great, great show! I love it.

Congratulations on all the forward movement. I just signed my very first publishing contract, myself, and it's amazing how much work is still to be done!

Leslie Rose said...

I'm saving my Audible credit for you. I love audiobooks - so glad SHATTER ME is coming out in that format.

Bee said...

I live vicariously through you.

And you're going to be on tv in Mumbai? TELL ME.

Also, Modern Family, ftw! :D

Sommer Leigh said...

Go you! I'm glad this is going so well for you :-)

I just found out I won a Shatter Me ARC from emilia-plater.com (totally made my day) and I'm on pins and needles waiting for it to show up. After that I believe there are a couple of seniors in one of my husband's english class who might actually consider killing me for the chance to read it.


YES! i'm totally stoked for kaling's memoir too! (have you seen the new office episodes recently?)

congrats on memorizing your c.c number AND having new pj bottoms! :D :D :D

Kristy Shen said...

I totally agree with #2. Modern Family is awesome! I want to have that show's babies. I seriously do.

Anyhoo, I just started reading your blog and I think you are HI-LARIOUS! Let's be BFFs (Blog Friends Forever)

Can't wait until SHATTER ME comes out! HUZZAH!



David said...

Yea.. Modern family is quite cool.. Another cool show on is How to make it in America.. you should try it out !

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Lola X said...

Such a great post! Love visiting your blog!

Lola x

primrose said...

Oooh never knew my country (Malaysia) is an open territory?LOL. Why must it be in paperback? I love hardcover! I'll be ordering online then.

Mahira. said...

yayyy!! cant wait to buy your book tahereh!! much lov, m'sia <3

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