some things, it seems, are HAPPENING? i just got word that my ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) should arrive in the mail today, and then a lovely friend on twitter happened to find my ARC at TLA!

it is kind of blowing my mind, just a little bit.

this whole thing is hilarious because i haven't even gotten my own copies yet -- i haven't even gotten my first pass pages yet (which means i have no idea what the inside of the book looks like) -- but already the ARC is popping up at this conference. it is very EXCITING. and scary. but mostly EXCITING!

so, here is some info on some stuff.

i've gotten a lot a lot of questions about the cover, namely, where is it, and why can't we see it, and are you hiding it from us? and this question i understand completely, especially since my book is already in ARC form and so, if it is in ARC form, then surely there must be a cover. right?

not so!

the plan for my ARC is a little different because we are on a slightly accelerated schedule. therefore! my ARC is going out in two waves. the first set of ARCs are going out with just a fancy title text on a plain background, and the second set will have cover art. the ARCs with cover art are supposed to be at BEA, so hopefully i'll have a cover to share with you before then.

in the interim, here is what the first-wave ARC looks like:

you will notice how it matches my updated website. SHINY.

anddddd here is what it looks like in the real world!

courtesy of dearest Jenny Martin, who took the photo at TLA
basically, this is all just to say that if you are at TLA, and if you are interested, maybe you can try to find a copy? maybe? and then maybe send one to me, on account of i still haven't even seen what it looks like yet?

he hee

and i promise that just as soon as i have the okay to share the final cover art, you will certainly be the first to know!



onto another subject! i have asked Super Agent Jodi Reamer if she would answer some questions for an interview on this here little blog, and she has kindly consented to this.


is there anything you'd like me to ask Jodi? anything you'd like to know re: the publishing industry?

i might be able to sneak some of your questions in.


Emy Shin said...

I'm in Texas, and though Austin is hours away, I'd so have tried my best to go to TLA if I'd known there'd be SHATTER ME ARCs there! I can't wait to see the final cover.

Question for Ms. Reamer -- What's the most important thing about a manuscript that you look for?

Josin L. McQuein said...

That's awesome! Your feet must not have touched the ground in weeks!I actually like the broken font they've used; it looks like an arrow or bullet trail through your title.

Though for some reason it's now glaring at me that your name is an anagram of Heather... not sure what's going on there. I've never seen anagram-inducing font before :/ )

Em-Musing said...

Ooooooh! Did ya get goosebumps seeing your name and title in print?

Anonymous said...

WHEE!! A new book has entered the world; clapping ans standing ovation for you, my dear!

I don't have any questions for Jodi, well actually I do, but they would probably so numerous that I wouldn't know where to start. I'm pretty sure anything you interview your agent with will be interesting! Maybe it would kind of be cool to know what she thinks about amateur authors and what the most worthwhile asset would be for them to pursue? Only less wordy...golly, me and my wordiness!

Well, my excitement certainly brewing, in the most caffeinated strength possible!

Georgia Ho

Here's my question...

If I live halfway across the world *cough Singapore cough*, is there still a chance for me to get agent representation? :)


Ben said...

That must be the most satisfying sight. Congratulations Tahereh. Hard work pays off.

Cindy said...

I can't wait until you get your ARCs. Congratulations!!

Mia Hayson said...

Your name looks so fabsies in print!!
And I agree with Josin, I actually love that font too.


Kathryn said...

I saw you RT this yesterday. How exciting! Congrats, Tahereh!

My question for Ms. Reamer: How do agents feel about writers writing in different genres? Like, during that initial "call", if it came up that a writer was interested in writing, say, fantasy now, and then MG later, (or even after a few years wants to explore a different genre) how would agents react?

Jennifer Jackson said...

So very excellent! What an incredible take-off you've had!

It would be cool to hear advice and be able to pitch some questions (maybe) to your agent.

M.J. Horton said...

Congrats lovely! *squeals* *huggles* I'm so excited for the ARCs. Incredibly! I'm bouncing! *bounces* I'm too excited for you (is there such a thing?)! And I can't wait to see the cover art.

*moar huggles*

Um...for Ms. Reamer...hehe...

What are the elements that made her say 'yes' to represent certain clients? What was it about their hook, characterization, plot, or voice that captivated her?

What are the elements that made her reject a manuscript? What was it about *their* hook, characterization, plot, or voice that turned her away?

What's a typical day like for her?

What are a few of her favorite books?

Feel free to pick and choose (or not, hehe). My fingers wouldn't stop typing questions. Anyways...

I'm still bouncing. :D

*still huggling*

Emilia Plater said...

TAHEREH YOU ARE AMAZING!!! And those ARCs are amazing!! I love you! :D :D

Ishta Mercurio said...

WOW - I love that font! I LOVE it! If that's what the text looks like on your actual book, that would be amazing. (Although, honestly, they're not going to come up with anything that ISN'T amazing, even if they change it, are they?)

OKAY: questions for Jodi:

I notice that she reps authors of PBs up through YA. I also notice that she does this very well, and she is good at launching debut authors, which is a skill that not all agents have. So, from a debut author who writes PBs up through YA, does she consider picture book queries/submissions, or would she rather see a MG or YA and then if she likes it consider any picture books that may already be written? (I ask this because it's sometimes hard to get a sense of the style/tone/quality of a person's novels from a picture book sub - but sometimes, the picture books are "ready" while the novel is still being polished.)

Thanks! You're kind of awesome. :-) And I SO can't wait to read your book!

Bethany Robison said...

Questions for Ms Reamer:
1 - What is the one question all prospective clients SHOULD ask an interested agent prior to signing a contract?

2 - Twilight is arguably the most famous item on her representation list; what was it about that work that made her want to represent it? How did she spot the potential?

3 - When pitching a series, does an agent typically want a synopsis of the entire project, or are they mostly concerned with just the first installment?

4 - Once a writer has had his or her debut, how does the writing process change? For example, does a writer pitch ideas to the agent prior to beginning work to get an idea of whether it will sell, and does the agent want to see pieces before it is completed? Or is the process the same (working with critique partners, etc until the work is finished and then submitting)?

5 - What does an ideal client/agent relationship look like? What's one of the biggest mistakes a new author makes, with regard to keeping his/her agent happy?

Thanks for the opportunity to submit question to Jodi! I love how Stephanie Meyer refers to her as a ninja :) (high compliment).

jmartinlibrary said...

Oh, you dear RAGAMUFFIN, you persevered and we are all so happy and proud! Now I'm eating up the book (NOMNOMNOM), that very same copy from the picture! I shall be one of your loudest Mafi-keteers!!!

*slurkeths off to read*

Bethany Robison said...

Thought of another Q for Ms. Reamer: Her books all have cool/catchy titles (Twilight, Matched, The Earth My Butt and Other Big Round Things, etc) - What's Ms. Reamer's process for finding the perfect title?

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