i know, you are astounded, right? it's Saturday and i'm blogging, i must be quite beside myself with the crazy today. lucky for you, this is only partially true.

THERE ARE THINGS! things i forgot to take care of and/or tell you about.

1. WE HAD A CONTEST. there was a contest winner! and i completely forgot to make this announcement. so! the winner of the $20 amazon gift card is Rachel Stark! CONGRATULATIONS!

Rachel, if you would please contact me at thmafi at gmail dot com, i will send that gift card your way.

2. YOU CAN WIN AN ARC OF SHATTER ME. this ARC was generously donated by my publicist to the ladies over at Write Hope in their effort to raise funds for Japan relief. the auction for the item is now live, and you can find more info HERE. bidding will be open until April 6th, 4pm EST.

this is, unfortunately, not a giveaway, in that you do have to bid to win it, but! all the money goes to charity! and i am quite excited about this prospect, if only because it is the first online opportunity anyone will have to win an ARC. it is kind of like hoping someone will ask you to prom, only what if they don't? and then you have to go to prom with your cousin and he tells everyone he's your cousin and we all know how that turns out.

so! if you are interested! you can maybe bid on it. and then when you win, maybe send it to ME, on account of i don't even have a copy yet, so this is me, smooshing my face up against the window, trying to read over your shoulder.

3. THANK YOU SO MUCH. to all of you who've added SHATTER ME on Goodreads, contacted me just to tell me how excited you are for the book, wrote blog posts or sent me an email just to say congratulations, and to every single person who's emailed, tweeted, messaged and facebooked me to tell me you've pre-ordered the novel.

it feels a lot like crying, these feelings.

i'm so blown away.



Caitlin R. O'Connell said...

Oh goodness! A Saturday post! *is filled with joy*

I am so so so excited to read this. I have not yet preordered it, because I am a fail, but I WILL. Because OMG TAHEREH BOOK SO EXCITED.

*hugs* Happy weekend!!

Jennifer Jackson said...

Completely awesome! Your joy is quite infectious, you know.

Jen said...

You happy is contagious! Thanks for that!

I am going to bid right now. I think it's great that you're putting up an ARC for charity!

Dorothy Dreyer said...

What a treat to have a Saturday post! And I've put your book on my Amazon wish list. But I might be a little too anxious to read it to wait until someone gifts it to me. *bounces up and down*

Jan Markley said...

Awww! Enjoy the feeling!

erica and christy said...

last week i tried to pre-order your book, but couldn't figure out my hubby's password. and for the life of me couldn't sign in as myself. grrr. (he wouldn't answer his phone when i called him to ask either. double grrr.) BUT, now that it's up for auction, i can't wait to own it. i can share it with you once it's mine. and it will be. :0) do the rest of you hear this? mine. go ahead and bid. try your best. (thanks for writing the book and thanks to your publicist for this opportunity! it's a great way to help a good and necessary cause.) christy

Keriann Greaney Martin said...

Cool! I just preordered on Amazon so I can be sure to read your awesome book. Gah, November seems so far away!

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