GUEST POST: The Real Reason Writers Should Read

By: Claudie A.

I had a vision, fellow writers, beautiful and terrifying, and it concerned all of us.

It started with one of us in a busy office, with a tiny wooden desk and large jam-packed bookshelves. The room was cramped by endless piles of books gathered through the years that no longer fit the shelves. You know what they are.

Recommendations from friends. Gifts from siblings. The hyped-book from a decade ago that you never got around to reading. Old classics everybody read except for you. Books with gorgeous covers you picked out.

The TBR pile. 

Hundreds of books perched precariously atop one another.
Looming disaster.

One morning, a caffeinated writer-friend touched the pile. A light brush, like the whisper of the wind. The books swayed for a moment. He held his breath. The pile crashed down, cracking the floor with its weight and causing the whole building to shake.

The beginning of the biggest catastrophe known to man.

The tremor from this pile caused others to fall, and suddenly TBR piles everywhere were shaken and thrown down, shaking the ground and affecting more piles, all in an endless loop of positive retroaction. The collective force caused earthquakes that put 2012 to shame. It ripped the Californian peninsula off and spread through Alaska to Russia, and then to the whole of Europe.

Everywhere across the globe, the towering piles of books created by procrastinating writers crashed, ripping apart the world as we know it.

Now I know the risks, and so do you. To your TBR piles, fellow writers! Read on, fast and steady! We cannot neglect our duty any longer.

Claudie A. is a 21-year-old French biochemistry student, NaNoWriMo ML and obsessive fantasy writer with an unhealthy love for pencils, coffee and goats. But there's no goats on the blog. She tries to hide that one.


Tahereh's note: 
and with that, dear friends, i'd like to bid you a farewell! i hope you spend this weekend luxuriating in a quiet place with a stack of good books and a delicious cup of something warm.

i'll be back with regular posts on Monday!



maine character said...

I’m glad to say I’ll not be contributing any such catastrophe. Nope, a couple years ago I donated boxes and boxes of unread books to the local library, and so I’m proud to say that I can look about and… um… where’d those stacks come from?

Aleeza said...

now that is truly terrifying. all that re-stacking. *shudder*

Misha said...


*runs to save her tbr pile*

*stops dead*

Phew... Africa is safe.


Josin L. McQuein said...

My TBR pile is safely shelved at the closest public library. Therefore, should it fall over and dislodge California from the mainland, 'tis not my fault. Blame the librarians.


April said...

That made me shake! My TBR pile has expanded so much, but I'm reading steadily...a good 2-3 books a week. So, I'm not quite keeping up with it, but almost. Kinda. Not really, but you know what I mean. But my virtual TBR pile of books I don't have yet...I'll never catch up. And I have to, of course, own the books. A library card just isn't the same, though I do love libraries...

Sommer Leigh said...

Oh no, I am a danger to the world !

Claudie A. said...

Josin: Oooh, blame the librarians. Now there's an idea!

It also occurs to me that, under the current circumstances, it should be considered public service to give e-readers to writers. It's to save the world, not because I want one!

Matthew Rush said...

The bookshelf in my house is in my kid's room.

Emy Shin said...

The looming danger of the TBR pile! Definitely need to tackle that. :)

Leslie Rose said...

The TBR file definitely whispers in my ear. I'll be assembling yet another bookshelf this weekend. I have a designated reading time every night, and I'm trying to stick to it.

Meg said...

Thank goodness for my large basement and plastic storage bins! Oh books! I know it's dark down there but I promise I still love you!

Regina said...

My TBR is out of control but I have already read 22 books this year and am hoping to keep a steady pace to get some of these books off my list and to devour them.

Bryan Russell (Ink) said...

I do not have a TBR pile. I have TBR rooms. Please note the plural.

Yes, this is a plea for help. Intervention? Intervention?

Jennifer Jackson said...

I am catching up on all my reading, thank goodness but do so through the library like some here. Fun post.

hosted BES said...

Lovely blog. Keep up the good work!

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